Getting started

This page helps you understand which use cases Tokeny Solutions has solutions for.

ERC-3643 T-REX

Token for Regulated EXchange

The core of the Tokeny ecosystem is the ERC-3643 T-REX (Token for Regulated Exchange), allowing you to make regulated exchanges on any EVM blockchain network, in order to tokenize financial instruments, payment systems, RWAs or loyalty programs.

ONCHAINID and validation rules

When using T-REX, you ensure that you validate a set of rules on your investors before allocating them tokens, based on another core concept of Tokeny: the ONCHAINID. This represents the identity of the investor on the blockchain, completed with a set of claims to validate the truthfulness of the data. With this identity, the T-REX will validate that:

  • The investor is registered to receive those tokens
  • The investor has been validated by trusted third parties (KYC agents, for example) through claims
  • The investor is compliant with the rules of the token regarding blacklisted countries or share distribution.

T-REX Factory

In order to help you configure and deploy T-REX Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, Tokeny Solutions developed the T-REX Factory, a web application that guides you through the different steps of the T-REX configuration, from basic details (name, symbol, decimals) to blockchain deployment, through to investor importing and token allocation.

You can follow this step-by-step documentation to understand how to do it on your own, using our APIs.


The Qualification platform allows investors to either qualify for token subscription or token allocation. During this process, the data of the investor is collected such as name, birthdate, and proof of identity. The identity is KYC checked and, in the case of a successful KYC validation, the ONCHAINID is deployed.

When an issuer launches a subscription for tokens, the investor goes through the same questionnaire as the qualification process but with additional, offering specific information. Fund source, amount to be invested, etc. They then proceed to the acquisition of the number of shares they desire. Payments in both FIAT currencies and crypto-currencies are supported by the platform.

On the issuer side, the platform gives a complete overview of the investors, with a full position report. It also gives the opportunity to emit operations on the tokens, such as minting, burning or freezing. An issuer can also send communications to their investors, or even create corporate actions to handle revenue distribution.

What’s Next

Either go to the step-by-step integration of our T-REX Factory API, or switch to the Solutions overview to get a deep dive into Tokeny's products and solutions.