Compliance Modules

This section of the technical documentation provides an overview and access to detailed specifications of various compliance modules within the T-REX ecosystem. These modules are designed to enforce a range of compliance rules on token transactions, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and internal policies. Each module is tailored to address specific compliance needs, from transaction volume limits to time-based restrictions.

Modules Overview

  • Transfers Restrict Module: Designed to enforce transfer restrictions exclusively to whitelisted addresses, this module ensures that tokens can only be sent to approved destinations. This capability is crucial for scenarios where token transfers need to be routed through intermediary contracts for additional off-chain verifications or other compliance checks, even if the recipient address belongs to an eligible investor. It enhances control over token circulation, aligning with specific compliance or operational strategies.
  • Transfer Fees Module: This module introduces the ability to levy fees on token transfers, offering token issuers the flexibility to set the fee percentage and designate a specific wallet to collect these fees. It also allows for the exclusion of certain addresses from the fee mechanism, providing a way to tailor the fee structure to accommodate operational needs or incentivize particular transaction patterns within the ecosystem.
  • Max Balance Limits Module: Aimed at regulating the concentration of token ownership, this module enables the setting of maximum token balances that an investor can hold. Unlike other balance restrictions that might apply at the wallet level, this module enforces the limit at the identity level, ensuring that an investor cannot circumvent the rule by distributing tokens across multiple wallets. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a broad distribution of token ownership or complying with regulatory caps on investment amounts.
  • Time-Based Exchange Limits Compliance Module: This module enforces restrictions on the volume of tokens a holder can transfer to centralized exchanges (CEXs) within a specified timeframe. The timeframe is customizable, allowing issuers to set daily, weekly, monthly, or any custom period limits. This flexibility ensures adaptability to a wide range of regulatory and policy requirements.
  • Exchange Monthly Limits Compliance Module: Similar to the Time-Based Exchange Limits module, but with a fixed monthly timeframe. This optimization simplifies the module's logic, offering a gas-efficient solution for monthly transfer volume restrictions to CEXs.
  • Time-Based Transfer Limits Compliance Module: This module limits the total volume of transfers an investor can execute within a customizable timeframe, focusing on peer-to-peer transactions rather than deposits to CEXs. It ensures that the overall volume of transfers remains within predefined limits, excluding transfers between an investor's own wallets to prevent self-transfer loopholes.

By exploring the detailed documentation accessible through this directory, developers and compliance officers will gain a comprehensive understanding of how each module functions, the parameters they can control, and how they can be implemented to achieve regulatory compliance and operational efficiency in the management of tokenized assets.