Purpose & Architecture

When an issuer launches an STO, investors can subscribe to the offering through the ONBOARD platform, qualifying themselves with generic identity information, offering related information, and KYC checks through a trusted third-party KYC agent. At the end of this qualification process, the investor will have their own ONCHAINID and the necessary claims to participate in the offering. Tokens will be allocated to his wallet once the payment for said tokens has been validated.

The issuer has access to a back-office view, allowing them to get the position report of all of their investors, as well as issuing blockchain specific operations on the token such as minting, burning, and freezing.


We allow for the onboarding UI to be customized with the issuers' brand assets. This is done for each offering and client on a case by case basis.

Please note that we cannot totally change the whole ONBOARD system. The customizations offered are cosmetic and we reserve the right to limit the creative direction of said customization.

What’s Next

Learn more about our customization possibilities by browsing the Qualification API