Purpose & Architecture

Token for Regulated Exchanges

T-REX (Tokens for Regulated EXchanges) is a suite of blockchain-based solutions to issue and manage compliant security tokens on a distributed IT infrastructure. T-REX is Tokeny's implementation of the ERC3643 token standard.

More info on this standard can be found in the Whitepaper and on T-REX by viewing the smart contracts source code on GitHub

The T-REX Smart Contracts are descriptions of the Token emitted on the blockchain, containing its basic configuration (Name, symbol, number of decimals) and linked to several other smart contracts (compliance rules, identity, and claim registry).

The T-REX Factory is a module that lies on top of the Servicing, it allows an issuer to configure and deploy their own T-REX token with an easy-to-use guide and step-by-step instructions. Once the token has been deployed on the blockchain, the issuer can operate the financial instrument.

T-REX Servicing allows issuers to manage the token supply and their investors and candidates. Agents can perform operations on their tokens; mint, burn, freeze tokens, etc. Agents can also see details about their current holders and token transfers, and manage the liquidity options.

T-REX Investor Portal allows investors to manage their tokens, see their history, access the primary and secondary market, initiate transfers from their wallet to another (compliant) investor.

T-REX Marketplace allows investors to view multiple tokens. From there, they can buy on the primary or secondary market.

Stakeholders of the ecosystem and their interactions :