Purpose & Architecture

Token for Regulated Exchanges

T-REX (Tokens for Regulated EXchanges) is a suite of blockchain-based solutions to issue and manage compliant security tokens on a distributed IT infrastructure.

More info can be found in our Whitepaper and by viewing the T-REX smart contracts source code on GitHub

The T-REX Smart Contracts are descriptions of the Token emitted on the blockchain, containing its basic configuration (Name, symbol, number of decimals) and linked to several other smart contracts (compliance rules, identity, and claim registry).

The T-REX Factory is a web portal allowing an issuer to configure their own T-REX token with an easy to use guide and step by step instructions. At the end of the process, they are able to upload a position report to allocate tokens to any existing investors they may have. Once the token has been deployed on the blockchain through this platform the user can then use the Servicing platform on offer and our ONBOARD system to operate the financial instrument.

T-REX Servicing allows investors and issuers to perform operations on their tokens. Investors can initiate transfers from their wallet to another (compliant) wallet, and issuers can mint, burn or freeze tokens. As well as see details about their current holders and token transfers.

Stakeholders of the ecosystem and their interactions :

The T-REX Tokeny Ecosystem follows this architecture:

The T-REX Factory API is the public API for all T-REX related operations. Authentication will be done through a valid servicing account, handling also permissions and high-level validation.
The T-REX Service serves as the global back-end and is implementing the T-REX SDK. It handles the preparation of transactions to be sent to the Blockchain Emitter Service.
This third service is the one responsible for the signature of transactions and the generation of the nonce before emitting the transactions to the blockchain