Solutions overview

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Tokeny provides an end-to-end set of solutions to issue, manage and transfer tokenized securities on the Ethereum blockchain or the Polygon network.

Tokeny has developed a set of tools to support the issuance, management, control and investment in security tokens, i.e. digital representations of financial instruments deployed on a blockchain infrastructure either natively (the Blockchain is the primary “register” of positions and transactions in the financial instrument) or non-natively (the digital securities deployed on the blockchain are a representation of a financial instrument of which the primary register is held outside of the blockchain).

At this stage, and although we could technically represent on the blockchain any financial instrument as a token, Tokeny has decided to focus on tokenizing financial instruments issued in private markets (debt, loans, funds, real-estate backed assets, equity, …) i.e. instruments for which there is generally no de-facto infrastructure (like a CSD or an ICSD), which are generally involving a lot of manual interventions and are suffering from a lack of automation and which are barely, if not at all, transferrable (with, as a consequence, investors being stuck with their investments for long to very long periods of time). Those instruments are also typically offered by issuers to specific types of investors (institutionals, HNW individuals, well-informed investors, family offices, …) or to retail investors.

Our goal is to provide a complete set of solutions for securities issuers and their agents:


The tokenization stack

Tokeny provides the end-to-end tokenization suite: Public blockchain, open source smart contracts, complete APIs and white-label web platform.


T-REX Platform

In order to bring more liquidity to private markets, Tokeny's solutions enables investors to benefits from portable compliance, embedded in the permissioned T-REX tokens and the ONCHAINIDs.

In the below image (fig1), you can see a schema of our functional architecture:


fig 1

A more detailed (and technical) view of our architecture can be seen below in fig 2:


fig 2

We are always looking to improve our architecture and bring vast improvements to the platform and the above is likely to change over time, If you have any further questions regarding this please contact [email protected]