T-REX Implementation contracts

Welcome to the directory for T-REX Implementation Contracts. This section serves as a gateway to the detailed technical documentation of various smart contracts constituting the T-REX ecosystem. Each sub-page dedicated to a specific contract provides in-depth descriptions of interfaces, functions, parameters, and their respective roles within the T-REX architecture. The contracts detailed here are pivotal for the operation of the T-REX protocol, facilitating a wide range of functionalities from identity management to compliance enforcement in tokenized asset exchanges.

Sub-Pages Overview

  • T-REX Token: This contract outlines the functionalities and mechanisms for issuing and managing the lifecycle of tokens within the T-REX framework. It includes detailed descriptions of token transfer, minting, burning, and compliance-related functions.

  • Identity Registry Contract: Central to managing identities on-chain, this document details the contract responsible for linking blockchain addresses to digital identities, enabling the verification of token holders' eligibility and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Identity Registry Storage Contract: A supporting structure for the Identity Registry, this contract stores mappings between user addresses and their corresponding digital identities, ensuring efficient access and management of identity records.

  • Claim Topics Registry Contract: It catalogs the various types of claims (e.g., KYC verification, accreditation status) that can be attached to digital identities, outlining the function interfaces for adding, updating, or removing claim topics.

  • Trusted Issuers Registry Contract: This contract manages a list of approved entities authorized to issue claims. The documentation details interfaces for managing these issuers, crucial for maintaining the integrity of the claims validation process.

  • Modular Compliance Contract: Outlines the contract that encapsulates the compliance rules governing token transactions. This includes dynamic compliance mechanisms that can adapt to various regulatory environments, detailing functions for rule setting, updating, and evaluation.

Implementation Authority and Proxy Mechanism

The T-REX smart contracts are utilized by proxies through the Implementation Authority contract, functioning as a beacon. This advanced architectural choice allows for a flexible and upgradable system where the core logic of contracts can be updated without altering their on-chain addresses or the state stored within them. The Implementation Authority contract manages the versions of implementation contracts, directing proxy contracts to the current version of logic to be executed. This ensures that the T-REX ecosystem remains adaptable and capable of evolving in response to new regulatory requirements or technological advancements.

By navigating through the sub-pages, developers and implementers will gain comprehensive insights into the technical specifications and operational frameworks of the T-REX smart contracts. This directory, and the detailed documentation it leads to, is designed to facilitate a deep understanding of each component's role in the broader T-REX ecosystem, ensuring effective implementation and management of tokenized asset platforms.