Interface for blockchain operations on the T-Rex

The T-REX SDK is a JavaScript library that provides developers with a way to manipulate and explore the blockchain and ensures the standards defined by T-REX.


The T-REX SDK is available via GitHub packages.

First, you will need to authenticate with the GitHub registry. To do this, you will need to run the following command.

npm login --registry=https://npm.pkg.github.com --scope=@tokenyico

Important Note To be able to download the package, you need to have read access to the repository of the TREX SDK.

Additional info here

It will prompt you for the GitHub username and password which is, in fact, a personal access token.

After having authenticated with GitHub, you can install the library.

npm install @tokenyico/trex-sdk

Or if you would prefer to use yarn

npm add @tokenyico/trex-sdk

You can then import the library into your project using require()

const TREX = require('@tokenyico/trex-sdk');

Or as an ES6 import:

import TREX from "@tokenyico/trex-sdk";

The SDK comes with type definitions if you wish to use TypeScript in your project